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Travel bucket list

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Who doesn’t have a travel bucket list? I, of course, have one, too, and I would love to visit at least some but as many as possible of these places! And when I do, you hopefully will be able to read about them in my blog hehe!

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April ’17 Favourites

Podcast: Gilmore Guys

I was never one of Audiobooks as I thought it wasn’t something I like compared to real books. I love Goodreads and the feeling of excitement when I can tick a new book as ‘read’ and I feel that with an audiobook I can’t do that as I haven’t ‘achieved’ anything by just listening to it. By the way I would love a movie/show version of Goodreads! Does anything like that exist? Do you know anything similar? Please let me know if you do!
Anyway, I never thought of podcasts either and the only ones I knew are the one from ‘Chicago fire’ where I don’t even know if it actually exists and the podcast by the ‘Gilmore Guys’. As I love Gilmore girls more than anything I decided to finally give it a try and I must say I’m not 100% convinced yet that I like podcasts but I’m enjoying ‘Gilmore guys’ much! Read more!


Spring Feelings

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for spring! It just makes me happy, that the days are getting longer and warmer and the flowers are blooming.

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Quest4exit, Bamberg

Quest4exit – the time is running. Escape, if you can!

Last January, my boyfriend and me went to an escape room. It was a present for me as he knew, that this was something I would like to do! He found one near our hometown and it was amazing!

We got there and first we had to watch a video with all the rules and regulations, after which we filled out a short form that stated that we are liable for injuries or if we got scared. We were informed, that we were being monitored while being in the room for safety reasons and also to make it easier to help us if we got stuck. Read more!

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Thank you!

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This is my 50th blog post!

I know some of them were Friday’s quotes and not really a post, but still.

I actually can’t believe I’ve come this far until now! I still find it hard to find topics to write about, as I am limited to time and travel possibilities at the moment! But I’m proud of myself, that I haven’t given up on the blog yet! It’s quite an accomplishment to me. It’s a hobby which is also connected with a lot of work for me as I want it to be good and interesting to read! Read more!

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1000 Places To See Before You Die

1000 places to see before you die.jpg

I bought myself this book on amazon.

It’s basically a list for people who want to travel and don’t know what to see next or if they know they’re heading to one destination and want to see what else they might discover on that trip. So you can either use it as a help for traveling or that you actually want to try to see all of these places. Read more!


Sebastian Fitzeks Books

So, I couldn’t come up with enough to write about each of Sebastian Fitzeks books for a whole interesting post every time! As I love them I wanted to write about them though, so I thought that I would write one post about all his books and update it regularly when new ones come along or rather when I read a new one!

I started reading Fitzeks books a couple of years ago when a friend of mine didn’t like one of his books so we swapped hers (Splinter) with a book of mine by another author and I really liked it! It was hard to understand sometimes but well written and from that book on I wanted to read all of Sebastian Fitzeks books! I think that his writing style is really powerful, his books are scary and challenging and that’s exactly what I find so interesting!

One thing I LOVE, is that when the books are released first you can get one of a selected number of signed books on Sebastian Fitzeks homepage directly. There is also an English version of the website, which is a bit behind though, as the English versions of the books are released a while after the German version.  You can also send your book to his office with a stamp and an envelope and get a signature. I wish more authors would do that! Read more!