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Thank you!

karl-fredrickson-15871(Photo by Karl Fredrickson)

This is my 50th blog post!

I know some of them were Friday’s quotes and not really a post, but still.

I actually can’t believe I’ve come this far until now! I still find it hard to find topics to write about, as I am limited to time and travel possibilities at the moment! But I’m proud of myself, that I haven’t given up on the blog yet! It’s quite an accomplishment to me. It’s a hobby which is also connected with a lot of work for me as I want it to be good and interesting to read!

Also, I’m not too successful yet but I see my audience growing slowly and this is what keeps me going! I do this for me, as it is something where I see results and I can see what I’ve accomplished!

My plans for the future with this blog are to earn your trust and interest in me/my stories. On top of that I would like to plan a bit more ahead and have posts ready for two months or so ahead of time. I did that when I first began but somehow I got to writing the next weeks’ posts on Sundays what is a bit too short term for me personally! It can get too stressful and I would just feel calmer if I had worked more ahead and more time to experience new things in the meantime and have enough written if I don’t have time because of work or university.

Thank you so much for having read my blog over the past 4 months!

Love, Allie ♥

aaron-burden-211846(Photo by Aaron Burden)

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