5 things I realized after having a Polaroid Camera for a couple of years


A big ‘want’ of mine for a long time was to have a Polaroid Camera and I absolutely love it! I have a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 in the color pink. I usually forget to bring it around with me unfortunately, but when I do, I really love the outcome. In my opinion Polaroid pictures are classic and convey this feeling of something unique, as we usually don’t print out many pictures anymore.

Here are some things I realized throughout the years, which might also help some others, who are new to Polaroid Cameras.

  1. It took me a long time before realizing, that there were different settings according to the lightning, so a couple of pictures are nearly completely white, because I had the wrong setting.
  2. Taking a picture in a mirror is not such a good idea, because of the flash hehe!
  3. One thing I realized in my winter holiday is, that the pictures also take longer to develop in the cold.
  4. And they have an expiry date, after which the pictures taken don’t look as perfect anymore. So don’t buy large amounts of films if you don’t need them right away, because the pictures expire.
  5. Printed pictures are the best thing! I actually started to order my pictures in a printed version again and I am doing photo albums again, as they seem so authentic to me!

Most of these (apart from number 5.) I realized very late, because I don’t usually read instructions very carefully as I like to try things out myself. I’ve wasted many pictures this way unfortunately but now I’m a bit more experienced and know how to get my pictures to look the way I want them to.

Do you know other useful hints? Let me know in the comments!

Have a nice evening!
Love, Allie

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